Solutions for Businesses

USQC Read Safety has an array of services designed to help our clients improve human resource development, create a safer work environment, and comply with Federal safety and training requirements. Whether you are an independent contractor or a geographically diverse organization with thousands of employees worldwide,

USQC Read Safety can tailor a training solution to fit your needs.

Learning Management System

The cornerstone of our business is our signature Learning Management System (LMS). Simply put, the LMS is how we deliver our courses, track student progress and performance, generate reports, and assign tasks. This means you can use our LMS to plan and manage a complete training program for all your workers, whether you have one or thousands of employees.

The LMS is Web-based. So it's online all the time. With USQC Read Safety, you have around-the-clock access to your employees' training records, and your employees can enjoy self-paced learning anytime from any available Internet connection.


From the computer novice to the experienced user, USQC Read Safety courseware is easy to operate, with clear instructions and simple navigation. Our experienced staff of Instructional Designers, Multimedia Developers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) specializes in developing state-of-the-art eLearning courses. Best of all, we use multimedia technology to engage users and enhance learning through a mix of narration, interactions, helpful downloads and links, laboratory exercises, and exams.

Rest assured, with USQC Read Safety courses you are getting the highest quality instruction combined with the best content expertise!

Do your employees need Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? OSHA completion cards? Certificates of Completion? We offer all these and more.

Getting Started

Our goal is to make training and compliance as painless and cost-effective for you as we possibly can. The system requires only an internet-equipped computer with browser software. That's it. The rest is point and click.

More Information

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